Traveling with a rifle

• The rifle must be registered with the airline.
• Many countries and their areas can be reached by car or train.
• For the entry and exit within the EU the valid identity card is necessary.
• A visa is required only in Belarus and in European Russia.
• Take away weapons for EU citizens in EU countries:
EU firearms pass & invitation are required.
• Non EU citizens need an import permit from the embassy.
• Belarus & Russia:
An import permit is required for these two countries (provided by the organizer through the competent authority).
• Scotland, England:
Apply for weapons import permit at least 6 weeks before departure.

Weather and Clothing

• Similar to the conditions in Germany, the seasonal conditions in the continental countries of Europe - so the ordinary clothes can be used.
• When hunting a mountain, it makes sense to always have change clothes in your backpack.
• In mountain hunts, it is also advisable to train in advance the pole use.
• Scotland:
The stalking hunts in the Highlands are physically exhausting. Good functional clothing, breathable, but water and windproof clothing is advisable.
• Generally for all stalking hunts:
Waterproof shoes (possibly lined neoprene boots), on leggings, light backpack with change clothes take.


• Belarus:
Strongest certified caliber: 9.3 mm (.375 H & H and stronger calibers are prohibited)
• Scotland:
Hirsch- and Kahlwildjagd only in a certain calendar week possible, otherwise either deer or Kahlwild
• Scotland and England:
Hunting and fishing ban on Sunday, left-hand traffic
• In some countries night hunting bans follow the German model.
• Hungary:
Ban on the killing of antlers on hunts.

Traveling with dogs

• Dogs can now be taken to all European countries. This is especially interesting for small game hunters. So dogs can be taken not only in the eastern neighboring countries, but also to England, Scotland and Scandinavia without having to stay in quarantine. (Please note the respective import regulations eg vaccinations, ID chip etc.)

Rifle and optics

• Recommendation: Use universal caliber from 7mm upwards (.300 Win.Mag.)
• Driven hunts:
Use riflescope riflescopes (maximum field of view, small variable magnification: 1-6x24 to 1.7-10x42)
• Poland: Driven hunting does not allow magnifications greater than 3.5 times.
• single hunt:
Use rifle scopes (ZF) with high magnification and high light intensity (1.7-10x42 or similar)
• At night on boar and bear:
Use a high-speed riflescope (e.g., 2-12x56) or similar.

Can you take your trophy with you?

• Prepared, measured and weighed trophies can usually be taken directly from:
Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Spain and Croatia.
Please note the applicable veterinary import regulations.
See also page 116 ("Well prepared") Theme Trophy Import.