Traveling with a rifle to north america

• Traveling to the US and Canada is less complicated than you would expect. In addition, Americans and Canadians are extremely friendly and have no fear of guns and hunting.
• USA / ALASKA: No visa required for German citizens. Entry via visa waiver program with prior online ESTA registration.
• Canada: "Non resident firearms declaration"
• Alaska / USA: ATF application (at least 6 weeks before the start of the hunt).

Weather & Clothing

• Alaska and Canada depending on the season:
Spring hunts take place at rather mild temperatures (but cold nights). Autumn hunts are characterized by cool, changeable weather. Winter hunts can bring extreme cold.
• Argentina: The weather tends to be mild, the hunting areas have a temperate climate, habitual hunting gear can be used.
• Greenland: Arctic climate, warmest clothing is a must! Arctic rental gear is available on site.

Weapon and optic

• Use caliber from 7 mm upwards. Well suited calibers are like .30-06 Springfield or .300 Win. Like.
• Use robust repeaters. Good are collapsible rifles because they are easier to transport
• In Alaska / Canada you must not hunt in the outfit / hunting area on the day of arrival.
• When hunts in Greenland, the rifle must be degreased and de-oiled, so that firing bolts etc. do not freeze.
• Riflescope: Well suited are variable lenses with high magnification and 42mm objective diameter (more important than twilight performance is the magnification)
• Observation optics: use light stalk glasses (8x30 to 10x42), preferably with integrated rangefinder.
• Use spotting scope (often spotting wild game at long range, if you can talk remotely, it will save you a lot of time)

Can I take the trophy with me?

• From Greenland you can take measured and weighed trophies directly.
Please note the applicable veterinary import regulations.